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Best Cake Frosting

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What is the best cake frosting or icing?

As a baking supply store, we often receive these questions from our customers of what is the best cake frosting? And our response is would depend on what usage or preference the customer wants. The below guidelines will help you decide which cake frosting or icing suits your cake in certain circumstances.

  1. Type of base or cake
  2. Time of cake exposure
  3. The weather or temperature cake going to be display and store
  4. Cake involves long travel

Type of base or cake

Yes, the base or cake type really matters. For sponge or chiffon cake, the liquid non-dairy whipping cream or soft-boiled icing is the best match. Complementing a light and creamy texture but the downside is it’s not stable. For a pound and moist cake, chocolate ganache, buttercream, or fondant (sometimes called marshmallow icing) can be used. These cake frostings complement the buttery and rich flavor of moist and pound cake.

Time of cake exposure

On simple occasions that require immediate consumptions, liquid non-dairy whipping cream or soft-boiled icing are recommended. For wedding or grand occasions, chocolate ganache, buttercream, or fondant can go a long run.

Temperature cake exposure

The venue’s temperature affects the cake’s frosting behavior. Cakes should avoid direct sunlight and heat. For the hot with humid locations, the fondant icing tends to melt down. Whipping cream, boiled icing, ganache, fondant, or buttercream are the best cooler locations.

Travel of cake

Transportation of cake matters. For long-distance travel, fondant and ganache are great fits because of stability. Soft-boiled icing, whipping cream, or buttercream is for short-distance. Handling cake properly during the transportation is a must.

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