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Types of Flour

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Differents types of Flour

One of the baking essential ingredients is Flour. Before starting, it is important that you research and know the different types of flour and its usage. The below list will help you.

  1. Hard Flour
  2. Cake Flour
  3. All-Purpose Flour
  4. Rice Flour

Hard Flour

Also known as Bread flour, best used for donuts, buns, pizza, and any type of bakery bread. This has high gluten makes your bread chewier yet solid. Some bakers add hard flour to their cookies and brownies to make them chewier and intact.

Cake Flour

From its name, best used for making cakes because of its low gluten content. It makes a cake texture fine, soft, and light. Usually, they are very best used for making sponge or chiffon cake.

All-Purpose Flour

Sometimes called Plain Flour, but almost used for anything. Can be used for cakes such as moist cakes, and other pastries. It has a mixture of high gluten and low gluten content making it flexible to use for common pastry goods.

Rice Flour

Cake flour is a perfect fit for Filipino Kakanin such as Palitaw, Kalamay, and more. It can also be used and made into rice noodles.

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